The Official Website Of The

Yonkers Republican City Committee

The Official Website Of The

Yonkers Republican City Committee

Elections 2023

Here are the following Party endorsed candidates as of the February 16, 2023 Yonkers Republican City Committee Nominating Convention:

Merante Headshot

Anthony Merante

For Mayor Of The City Of Yonkers

Breen Headshot

Mike Breen

For Yonkers City Council – District 5

Nolan Headshot

James Nolan

For Westchester County Legislator – District 15

Sperenza Headshot

Nicholas Speranza

For Yonkers Yonkers City Court Judge

Tata Headshot

Giulio Tata

For Westchester County Legislator – District 14

Kozak Headshot

Debbie Kozak

For Westchester County Legislator – District 16

Diaz Headshot

Jose Diaz

For Westchester County Legislator – District 17

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what we do

we serve as a network for civic engagement

Select Candidates

We only endorse candidates of high quality character, who share in our conservative values, and will stand up for constituents.

Mobilize Voters

We engage with voters through door knocking, direct mail, and media campaigns to ensure they are informed at the polls.

Facilitate Policy

Through legislation, we elect officials that will advocate for the needs of constituents while aligning with Party values.

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A Plan For a Better Yonkers

Relieve Taxpayer Burden

Cut the Sale's Tax, hold the line on property taxes, and elect state representatives who will cut New York State's Income Tax.

Citizens Over Criminals

Repeal disastrous Bail Reform, rescind the Raise the Age bill, and fund our Yonkers Police Department and other emergency services.

Principle over Politics

Focus on local issues, not national issues, stand up for Republican convictions, restore ethics in our State Government, and No More Party Switches*

Save Our Neighborhoods

Stop Albany from taking over home rule zoning, empower local neighborhoods to decide whether or not they want ADU or TDO units, and quality of life.

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